Gijsbert WernerI am a Newton Fellow at the Department of Zoology in Oxford, working with Prof. Stuart West and other members of the Department interested in social evolution.

Previously, I completed my PhD (cum laude) at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, working with Prof. Dr. Toby Kiers in the Department of Ecological Sciences. My thesis studied the evolution and maintenance of plant-microbial mutualisms using a combination of experimental, phylogenetic and theoretical approaches. You can find the full thesis (title Plants, microbes and markets. Evolution and maintenance of belowground cooperationonline in the VU library, or send me an email for a pdf-copy.

Prior to my PhD, I obtained an undergraduate degree (cum laude) in Biology with minors in Philosophy and Political Science from Utrecht University, and an MSc degree (Distinction) at Lincoln College Oxford.

I have a keen interest in (public) communication of science, and in contributing to the science-policy interface. I have contributed to the review of the fifth IPCC report, and participated in the Nationale DenkTank (National Thinktank), a Dutch NGO connecting government, business and academia. I have also contributed to the public debate on both scientific and non-scientific topics in a number of (national) media.

For my full CV, including publications, media, teaching and outreach, please see here. You can also consult my Google Scholar, ORCID and Researchgate profiles for recent information, and find more information on my experience as a reviewer on my Publon page.